Monday, 25 January 2010

A safe arrival and a welcome coffee

I have arrived safely in Abu Dis. The only casualty of the journey seems to have been my bag. The zip broke as it was being unloaded off the plane and when i received it back it was stuck together with Israeli police tape. Don't know what they made of the contents which included Flaubert's 'A Sentimental Education' and Mighty Boosh series 3 DVD.

I was pleased to meet the other english teacher in the cafe of the Jerusalem Hotel. I had a lovely think arabic coffee and we then headed to Abu Dis.

It is hard to gain impressions of a place speeding along in a taxi in the dark, but an immediate contrast is the roads. Smooth, modern roads and motorways link Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, but as soon as we hit Abu Dis, only 30 minutes drive from central Jerusalem, the roads were rough and full of holes.

I hope to put up some pictures tomorrow, watch this space!

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