Saturday, 30 January 2010

Israeli soldiers create disturbance in Abu Dis

Last night Israeli soldiers attacked two shop workers in Abu Dis, injuring one of them, a 16 year old boy. They also smashed the windows in a nearby cafe and physically assaulted the customers.

Today i was able to see the CCTV footage showing the soldiers in the shop. One of them grabbed the staff member behind the till and pulled him forward by the neck, and then pushed another worker off a step ladder. One of the workers, the 16 year old boy, was taken outside and received a blow to the head which drew blood. When we visited the shop today the boy was still working with a bandage on his head.

The cause of this violence was an attempt/plan to a throw a stone or molotov cocktail at the nearby Israeli army base. I was not able to obtain more precise details. The army base is of course in Abu Dis and so is part of an occupying force detested by the inhabitants for it's routine harassment and intimidation.

The response was an uncontrolled physical attack on innocent shop workers and cafe customers. Activists in Abu Dis are gathering evidence in the hope this will lead to the arrest of the soldiers involved.

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