Friday, 26 February 2010

O rainy town of Bethlehem....

I had a day off today, and decided to visit Bethlehem despite torrential rain and storms.

I had arranged to meet a friend outside the church of the nativity (birthplace of a famous person i believe), and waited outside in the inclement weather before retreating to a horrible tourist cafe.

I then had lunch (not in the horrible tourist cafe) with my friend. She is French and living in Bethlehem for 5 months working for the Alternative Tourism Group.

The fact it was the day of rest, as well as the horrendous weather, meant the streets were largely deserted. Most shops were closed, save for some fruit and veg sellers, and the amusingly titled 'Stars and Bucks cafe' (with the same logo...).

However it was quite nice to wander the beautiful streets of Bethlehem with hardly a soul around.

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